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Women’s Menstrual Cycle Tracking & The Moon

An analogy by Blood & Milk with the moon cycle and seasons beautifully describes how women can harness the power in their menstrual cycle to learn about themselves and their inner purpose.

Menstruation begins when the flow begins. Hormone levels are at their lowest and you most likely want to hibernate, rest and be alone. It’s best to listen to these feelings, keep your workload light and eat easily digestible foods like soup. This ‘winter’ phase is a time where creativity is at an all time high; look inward and use it to learn about yourself.

The follicular phase begins from the time bleeding stops and ovulation begins which is typically from day 7-13. Estrogen and testosterone are rising and so do energy levels, brain capability and overall vibrancy - a similar feeling of the first signs of spring after a long winter. Make sure to consume extra protein in this phase due to high estrogen levels suppressing the appetite. Now is the time to schedule meetings, challenge yourself, problem solve and brainstorm.

Ovulation is the shortest phase only lasting 2-3 days. Like the summertime, you will be glowing and feel confident, attractive and charismatic. You will totally crush interviews and leadership roles. The body desires intense workouts and has more energy to consume raw foods and juices.

The luteal phase is typically the last half (or so) of the cycle. Estrogen and testosterone are falling. Progesterone, a hormone that alleviates anxiety and helps with sleep is riding. The closer you get to winter and menstruation, the gentler you should be to your body. This is often when women experience bloating, headaches, cravings, and other PMS-related symptoms. Instead of trying to mask these symptoms with medication, listen to your body, lighten your workload and nourish your body with vegetables and healthy fats high in Omega 3s.

Like a new season, look forward to each phase and what it can bring to your inner light, being and power.

Red & White Moon Cycles

For women who begin their “moon cycle” or menstruation on the new moon they have a White Moon Cycle. These women are usually the most fertile ancestrally speaking because women would have been up later in the evening during the full moon and the ovulation phase roughly two weeks later with intimacy on the mind.

Women who follow a white moon cycle tend to focus their energy inward during their period as a way to tap into their deep intuition and knowledge.

Something really fascinating is that woman's cycle can either sync with the new moon or full moon depending on what kind of energy they’re putting out into the world. For example, Dr. Jolene Brighten describes how when she was writing Beyond the Pill (just one of the places we’ve heard this) her cycle

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