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DNA Testing

We've all heard of many D.N.A testing kit from 23&Me, Ancestry DNA, and even your doctor can run genetic testing. The cost for simple, non-complex testing starts at $100, but for more in-depth looking at more genomes can run more than $2000, and that doesn't include the cost for the geneticist to review the data! 

- 2018 DNA testing site My Heritage was hacked, exposing customer DNA

- Companies trade information from DNA results with insurance companies - resulting in a loss of coverage

- Collecting large samples of saliva

- Average DNA testing kits look at 400,000 points of data of your genome using only 2-300 genes

Our test kit is different.

- You control your privacy! The gene data is encrypted and separate from your identity. Your results are never sold. 

- Artificial Intelligence to provide accurate results. When there are updates in the genome and understand, your results are automatically rerun - no need to repay for new testing.

- 11 personalized DNA Reports; below is a breakdown of each report

- Reports that mean something. Not just a pretty report but an in-depth analysis on your health risk from your DNA and the likelihood of it impacting you

- Nutritional, lifestyle, and supplement recommendations personalized by your genetic makeup

- Simple mouth swab instead of collecting massive amounts of salvia

- The A.I. analyses 6.4 BILLION data points of your genome; it looks at the entire genome of some 25,000 genes

Why take a D.N.A Test?


  • Determine Environmental Challenges - Help determine specific support for the body’s innate ability to handle the burgeoning environmental toxin burden of life in the 21st Century. 

  • Understand Popular Issues such as MTHFR (Methylation of B-Vitamins), Age-related Cognitive Loss, Age-Related Muscle Loss, Gut Microbiome and the Gut-Brain Connection, Immune System Performance, and how best to provide lifestyle advice and nutritional supplementation.

  • Maximize And Individualize The Use Of Supplements Quickly determine how the occasional use of herbs and various nutritional supplements can support your foundational life processes.

  • Lifestyle Insights include how much exercise supports optimal health, how much alcohol and coffee you can use, and which foods help natural cellular processes.

  • Support Your Body of Side Effects - Prescription drugs often interfere with collateral cellular life processes, resulting in unwanted side effects. In many cases, your ability to absorb and process medication is genetically determined and relies on critical nutrients such as B-complex vitamins for optimal performance.


11-Personalized Reports

  1. Neurocognitive Panel: Neurotransmitter Regulation, Glymphatic Detoxification, Blood-Brain Barrier Function, Neuroinflammation, Neurodegeneration, Cognitive Development, Age-Related Cognitive Loss, Memory Performance, Amyloid Beta Plaque Accumulation, Neural Integrity, Brain Connectivity, Vision Loss.

  2. Detox Panel: Phase 1-2-3 Detoxification, Acetylation, Glucuronidation, Glutathione, Methylation, Sulfation, Cellular Detoxification, AntiOxidation, Folate Metabolism, Homocysteine Metabolism, Kidney Function, Liver Function, Benzene Toxicity, Drug Interactions, Alcohol Sensitivity, Caffeine Detoxification, Substance Abuse/Dependency.

  3. Hormone Management Panel: Hormonal Regulation, Androgen Metabolism, Estrogen Metabolism, Cortisol Production, Thyroid Hormone Regulation, Hormone Production.

  4. Cardiometabolic Panel: Cholesterol Metabolism, Cardiovascular Disease, Cardiac Muscle Integrity, Blood Pressure Regulation, Dyslipidemia, Myocardial Inflammation, Vasodilation/Vasoconstriction, Statin sensitivity, Plaque Accumulation.

  5. Energy & Performance Panel: Muscle Fiber Ratios, Age-Related Muscle Loss, Athletic Performance, Anaerobic vs. Aerobic Exercise Preference, Mitochondrial ATP Production, Soft Tissue Regeneration, Collagen Production, Oxygen Transport, Connective Tissue Integrity.

  6. Immunity & Inflammation Panel: Innate Immunity, Adaptive Immunity, Autoimmune Responses, Cytokine Production, Viral Responses, Lactose Intolerance, Gluten Sensitivity, Insulin Response, Histamine Response, Atopic Diseases, Age-Associated Inflammation.

  7. Cellular Health Panel: Carcinogenesis, Cellular Membrane Damage, Autophagy, Apoptosis, Cellular Aging, Longevity, Intracellular Toxicity, Oxidative Stress, Cell Proliferation, Mitochondrial Dysfunction.

  8. Nutritional Regulation Panel: Nutritional Requirements, Nutrient Absorption, Vitamin B Metabolism, Vitamin D Activation, Nutrient Deficiencies, Sodium Sensitivity, Iron Transportation, Mineral Metabolism, Supplement Response.

  9. Hologenomics Panel: Gut Microbiome, Gut-Brain Connection, Microbiome Diversity, Skin Microbiome, Gut-Skin Connection, Microbiome Dysbiosis.

  10. Weight Optimization Panel: Adipogenesis, Abdominal Adiposity, Lipogenesis, Lipolysis, Body-Fat Distribution, Body Mass Index (BMI) Regulation, Metabolic Syndrome, Obesity-Associated Inflammation, Diet Efficacy.

  11. Performance Genetics Panel: Recovery, Muscle Integrity, Mitochondrial Function, Fatty Acid Processing, Smooth Muscle Response, Pain Fibers, 

  12. Summary Panel: Summary of all reports.

Place your order by following the link below to schedule your consultation. We will ship your DNA kit directly to you.

Get Report

Woohoo! You have a report! You will be able to read it online but don't worry - we have access to it.

Send DNA

Use the provided test kit to collect your saliva. Mail it to the lab in the provided envelope.

Schedule Appt.

Use the online system to schedule your follow-up appointment to review your personalized results and genetic improvement plan.

Analyze DNA

The lab will analyze your DNA and identify your personalized risk markers. This process takes  6-8 weeks.

Customized Program

Abigail will walk you through your report and provide a year-planned supplement recommendation with curated do and don'ts dietary guidelines based on your reports.

The Process

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