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Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching

No Fads. No diets. 
No depriving.

Just whole food

Our coaching is focused on helping change your attitude towards healthy eating to stick to picking out the best options for your body's needs. 

Image by Willian Justen de Vasconcellos

What is a whole food approach?

Sure, we can follow all the fad diets out there and get short-term results, but how would it look to you to be able to maintain the results on a "diet" that you fall in love with?

Our focus is on using whole food. This means food in its most natural form and not pre-packaged or overloaded with preservatives. Our dietary approach is to get back to food basics and allow nature to nourish the body. 

How does eating eggs, cooking with bacon fat, having a variety of foods, and enjoying what you eat sound? Delicious right? We think so too. 

There is frequently a disconnect regarding living a healthy lifestyle; we know what's good for our bodies, but we don't always act accordingly. Our coaching focuses on mending that relationship and helping you unlearn many nutritional myths that have been marketed to you your whole life. Our nutrition & lifestyle coaching enables you to change your mind and body to create a healthier you!

The visits last for up to 30 minutes, and we discuss your food log and lifestyle changes personalized to you during your initial session. During the visits, we will dive into a few topics to help you better understand your health; these can include:

  • How to navigate food sensitivities

  • Reading labels

  • Grocery shopping list & meal planning

  • Digestive improvements

  • Improving response to stressful situations

  • Non-Toxic Body care

  • Mindset work

  • Meditation

  • & many more

In our program, we set realistic goals, find new foods or food groups, pinpoint cravings and how to reduce them, strengthen your relationships and your understanding of yourself.

Unsure if we are a good fit for you? Book your complimentary call below to learn more.

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