Abigail Maddox

Skin Care Maven & Health Empowerment Practitioner

My passion is in Skin Health. I've suffered as a child from hormonal acne and discoloration that made me self-conscious of my appearance. Nothing worked; prescription creams, topical retinol, lotions, tonics, sprays, etc. I had a 3-foot tall pull-out bin filled with products that never helped. Now I have a simple routine with less than 4 products, and my skin has never looked better! I learned that there is more than just the topical side of our skin, we have to heal from within, and our skin is how we can tell our health. 

With Nutrition Response Testing, I've experienced:

  • PMS symptoms are eliminated!

  • No more painful cramping

  • Regular bowel movements

  • No bloating after meals

  • I have to trim my fingernails regularly

  • Decreased low back pain

  • Improved clarity & focus

  • Stability with my weight

  • I lost 10 lbs. in 6 months on a program - I wasn't even trying!

  • Recovery from illnesses quicker

  • Sleeping through the night (pre-child)

Hypothalamic Reset Technique helped my body better use my nutrition and supplements, decreasing how much my body needed.


Mind, Body Spirit Release healed my body from past traumas I was holding on to. The need to supplement my thyroid stopped. It repaired my low libido post-childbirth and has helped me improve unsettling relationships with those in my past. 

DNA Testing allowed me to understand my genetics and what I could be disposed of.

Why Choose Me?  My focus is on a non-invasive and holistic approach to health. I know our bodies are resilient and can heal if we give them the right environment and support. I am more than just someone you'll see for a few moments; I am the person to help guide you on your health journey, so you are not alone. 

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Becca Roberts

Sales and Marketing Coordinator

I was inspired to get my B.S. in Marketing for Integrative Health by a personal health journey that began in 2015 when a proper diet and nutrition transformed my life. Since then, most of my time has been spent foraging for wild foods and mushrooms, making herbal medicine, writing, reading, brewing kombucha and spreading the word that a balanced mind, body and soul is the path to greatest success.