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Language Around Mental Health

We try to refrain from using words like insane, crazy and psycho to describe situations to make people will actual mental health issues feel safe. This is one of the ways we’ve chosen to actively ‘break the stigma’ surrounding mental health. Here’s why:

In a short and sweet by NPR, they recognize that refraining from these words have gained attention to mental health activits, The reasons are very simliar as to why we’ve decided to stop using phrases like, ‘that’s so gay.” While the person saying the phrase may not mean harm by it, it inherently brings negativity to a conversation and there are better, more descriptive and less offensive words to use.

One in five Americans have lived, or currently have a mental illness. People struggling with mental health issues tend to be more likely to be struggling, homeless and discriminated against. Often, people use the term ‘crazy ex boy/girl friend in a derogatory way.’ This needs to stop and needs to be talked about. By using words like ths in ‘casual’ conversation and acting like they are okay, you unintentionally perpetuate negative stereotypes with mental health. The NPR article encourages people to use this as an intellectual challenge, a chance to be more thoughtful and an opportunity to use words that are more aligned with the situation someone is describing. It’s also an opportunity to perpetuate love over hate.


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