Company changes: we've gone mobile!

New logo, new meaning, new focus, same us.

What does our new logo mean?

The tree is the Tree of Life or the fruit and connection to life - this means how we can connect ourselves to the earth and each other, how we are all each a branch in the web of life, and the path to reach our true light is unique to each of us. For Abigail, it means that we all start and create from somewhere, and each health journey is impressive, just as we are. In our community, the tree represents our roots in helping better our community and being a solid support system when the storms of life are upon us.

Growing from the branches of the tree of life are hands facing upwards, meaning we are surrendering ourselves, praising ourselves, appreciating life, and giving thanks for all we have received and will receive. The thankful hands are holding a crystal ball, showing that we can create the future we see. Inside of the sphere is a crescent moon. The crescent moon symbolizes the womanhood, fertility, and empowerment women make and innately have.

What does our name mean?

Let me start with a short story.

My father, my daughter, and I were all out eating breakfast at a great restaurant in Longmont called Maggie’s Kitchen. The group seated next to us was a father and two adult children. The father told us how beautiful our daughter was and asked for her name. I told him her first name, Adaline. He wondered if there was a meaning behind her name, and I said yes, there was, and explained her story of how we FINALLY named her after three days. In that, I mentioned that her middle name we knew from the moment we her gender. So he asked, what is her middle name? I explained it was Rose Djangmarki. The Rose in her middle name is my middle name - it’s a middle name passed down from generation to generation on my mother’s adoptive side of the family. I always knew how special it was to me to be named after my great grandmother, great aunt, and so many more generations back. The father then told us that he is a pastor and he often is caught up in people’s names and that we should make sure she knows what her name means and why we chose what we chose. He mentioned that many people don’t understand their names or have never been told why it was chosen. The pastor made me realize how powerful and unique the name and history of the name I was given is.

My first name was chosen because of the story of Abigail in the Bible; from her story, she was very intuitive, or as otherwise said, had prophetic gifting, which is where the intuitive comes into our name. Throughout history, we have many strong willed-loving women named Abigail, from Abigail Adams, the first vice presidential wife, and the second first lady who helped shape and advocated for women’s rights to Abigail Fillmore, the 13th first lady or even Abigail Van Buren was also known by her pen name of Dear Abby.

In most straightforward, the start of our new business name, “Abigail Rose,” is in honor of my strong past, honoring my name and the prophetic, steadfast, and compassionate women it has represented.

Your Mobile Health Cottage

They say the most vital people around you will support you in every effort you make; that’s why I am part of your health team. To give you help on your healing journey. Most recently, I had an idea that my physical office location was not serving my clients or myself. I voiced my discontent one night to my partner, Aaron, and he said, “Well, let’s just get you a van.” Here I was thinking, “A van? Like the ones soccer moms use? How the heck would that work” and proceeded to say, “Soccer mom van?, to which he replied, “only if you wanted to seat the whole team or deliver for Amazon.” Then it clicked, and we began the birth of the mobile business. As we looked at vans, I grew to love the idea and knew it would benefit everyone! So where are we with the journey to go mobile?

We have:

  • The van!

  • Rear heating and air conditioning

  • Slide-out step to get in/out easier

  • Removed two rows of seating

  • Storage for supplements & testing kits

  • Schedule for visiting clients

We need:

  • Weather-safe & slip-resistant flooring on order

  • Build-out of storage and bench being made

  • Sunscreens for windows on order

  • Additional lighting - too many ideas!

  • How can I have plants in the van?

So… where does that leave us now? We are just waiting for the final details. We are up and running and can’t wait for you to go on the van's transformation with us!

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