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Abigail's Story

I first began exploring better ways to improve my health in July 2014, when I was diagnosed with a benign ovarian cyst in my right ovary. The cyst measured 5cm x 5cm x 3 cm (which doesn’t sound large, but our ovaries are only 3.5cm x 2.5cm x 1.5cm). At the time, I was told there was nothing that could be done and that I was too young to risk surgery. After speaking to the gynecologist, he said that I had only a 5% chance of getting another one this bad… well, I was in the 5%. In October of 2018, I had another cyst in my right ovary that was just as painful and large, so I elected to have surgery. This time it was worse than just a cyst – I had torsion, or twisting of my fallopian tubes, that could lead to infertility.

I was told to start hormonal birth control to hopefully help control my cysts, but I was given no other options. I was scared, but I decided not to take birth control and see what happened. I couldn’t believe my body would fail me a third time. I still vividly remember June 25th, 2019. I was letting my dog, Mojo, outside before leaving for work and I just fell to the floor. I had such immense pain in my left side where my ovary was, and I knew immediately what that pain was. I felt defeated by my own body and knew there had to be a better answer. Working in the alternative care community, I had heard about Nutrition Response Testing, but I never believed it would help me. I thought: “I can’t afford this, it won’t work for me,” but in June I knew I needed to try something, anything that could potentially help. What was the worst that could happen?

I didn’t know how much my body would change, or how well it would respond. It took time, but after 3 months I was finally able to ovulate without falling to the floor in pain. In six months, I had nothing more than a twinge on my side. What amazed me was that it wasn’t actually my ovaries that were under stress, it was my uterus. My uterus was so unhappy with me that it was causing pain in my ovaries! By supporting my uterus, my body was able to heal. Of course, there were some side effects to my new-found health: I now have longer and stronger nails, my hair is not falling out, I don’t deal with bloating, and my bowel function is regular. Even though I wanted to believe it was normal for me to have a bowel movement every 3 days, it was very unhealthy! I knew this system worked and I knew I could help more people than I ever thought.

May your body never be the same,

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