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A Message to Our Clients RE: COVID-19 (coronavirus),

We understand there is a lot of confusion and uncertainty during this time. I want to reassure our patients that our office is taking the needed precautions to keep our workplace safe and clean. We are regularly sanitizing the office and wiping down all tables before and after patients are treated. We are doing everything we can to give our patients peace of mind so that they feel comfortable to continue receiving their regular nutritional care.

As you know, ordinances and guidelines are in flux and evolving daily. So, I wanted to send you an update:

  • At present, the Practice will remain open on our normal office hours. If this changes due to state regulations we will let you know of the change. But, we want to be here for you to make our care available and help you stay healthy.

  • However, if you are ill, have traveled in the last 3 weeks, or have potentially been exposed to COVID-19, then we will convert your appointment to a phone consultation. The phone consultation will include Nutrition coaching (foods to avoid and foods you should eat), we will give tips on boosting your body so your immune system to help fight any virus and will give supplement recommendations.

  • Your best defense is a healthy immune system doing its job. It is the job of your immune system to fight and kill germs. There are simple things you can do to keep your immune system fortified. and we urge you to contact us to find out what can be done to strengthen your body and immunity.

  • At this time, all in house workshops will be rescheduled. The reason for this is to avoid accidental spread of the virus by carriers whose immune system is so strong they have no idea they are infected (their body is handling it well before it had a chance to get off the ground).

  • For anyone who feels uncomfortable coming into the office and need supplements, just call and we’ll have the supplements shipped to you. Or, we can meet you outside and hand you the supplements.

We want to keep our doors open for you and to service you in this time of need. We thank you for being part of this great community and for being our client.

What you can do to stay healthy during the coronavirus pandemic!

  1. Avoid sugar. Sugar stresses and weakens your body’s immune system.

  2. Wash your hands. Thoroughly wash your hands for 20 seconds.

  3. Avoid stress. Medical and scientific studies show the major cause of all illness is related to stress. The services we provide include customized nutrition. This natural therapy has been shown by research to decrease stress.

  4. Get a Chiropractic adjustment for you and your family. (We have great referrals!) Dr. Ron Pero, Chief of Cancer Research at New York Preventive Research Center and world-renowned scientist in genotoxicology (the study of environmental toxins) conducted a study on the immune system's ability to resist toxins and disease. He found that Chiropractic patients had 200% greater immunity than average patients not under Chiropractic care.

  5. The best time to get a Chiropractic adjustment is before you get sick so you can keep your body strong and functioning at its best!

  6. Feed your body with the proper nutrients. Make sure you are eating enough fruits, vegetables, legumes for added fiber, and high-quality proteins, (such as wild-caught fish, organic free-range meats and poultry).

  7. Supplement with organic food-based nutrition. Our office offers a variety of natural nutritional supplements that support your immune system and improve cellular function.

Don’t let fear prevent you from doing all you can do to strengthen and support your body’s ability to heal. Your body has a very strong defense system and if you follow the above suggestions you can make it even stronger. Following these guidelines does not mean you won’t get sick, but if you do get sick then the above suggestions will help your body to handle any illness and/or stress better. Share this broadly with family, friends and co-workers so they too can benefit from a healthier immune system.

Yours in Health and Wellness,

Your Nutritest +Wellness Team

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